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Everything about Dubai’s most famous neighborhoods

مناطق و محله های دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

Overview of Dubai areas

The city of Dubai is divided into two parts by the Dubai Creek. These two parts are called Bur Dubai and Deira. Deira is located in the east of Dubai Creek and Bur Dubai is in its west.Today, both neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai are considered as traditional areas with old context.

Since the seventies and the beginning of the development of the city of Dubai, constructions have been in the areas west of the Dubai Creek and north of the city of Dubai, and currently it is considered a modern and advanced area of Dubai.

Deira and Bur Dubai area is considered as the traditional area of Dubai where the people of Dubai have been living since ancient times. Most of the residents of the developed part include expatriates and natives of Dubai with high financial resources.

Famous neighborhoods such as Downtown Dubai, City Walk, etc. are located in this area. In other words, all the famous wonders of Dubai are located in this area. The area of Deira has a traditional and old texture and most of the natives of Dubai live in that area. There are many Indian restaurants and local markets in this area and it is a good option for those who are interested in local food and restaurants.

The best areas to live in Dubai

The city of Dubai consists of a distinct group of different areas, and each area has a special and unique feature compared to the adjacent areas. Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Beach Triangle, Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Village Circle are some of the most popular areas for buying apartments in Dubai.

Business Bay and Emaar Beachfront has apartments with modern design and luxury penthouses with a stunning view of the Persian Gulf.Residents of the central areas of Dubai, such as City Walk and Mohammed Bin Rashid City, have an active and bustling lifestyle due to their proximity to Burj Khalifa and other important places. On the other hand, other areas enjoy a luxurious and exemplary lifestyle with relatively reasonable prices,such as the Dubai Hills Estate or Sobha Hartland, which is one of the wonderful protected areas with special green spaces.

Valley and Arjan areas are affordable and suitable for families located in the suburbs of Dubai. Not all affordable neighborhoods in Dubai are in the suburbs, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is located near Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Ain Road, and is known as Dubai’s technology hub.

Iranian neighborhoods in Dubai

مناطق و محله های دبی - خرید ملک در معروف دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

The Iranian community of Dubai has a special position and its economic aspect is superior to the geopolitical competition of the two countries. According to the official statistics of 2018, the number of Iranians living in the UAE is 450,000. Unofficial estimates put this number up to 600,000 people.

The linguistic, architectural, artistic and economic influences of Iranians are evident throughout the UAE. This cultural solidarity is more visible in Dubai.

The neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai, which are considered the historical center of the city, are full of banks, markets, mosques and Iranian restaurants and are among the areas where most Iranian traders, merchants and tourists live.

Downtown Dubai is also popular for Iranians who mostly live in Dubai for work and economic activities. This area accommodates many Iranians due to easy access to transportation, companies and offices, recreational facilities and studio apartments that are suitable for students and businessmen.

Growing regions in Dubai

  • Business Bay :It is located in south of downtown Dubai along the canal and provides a unique opportunity for tourists to experience the best of the best, hence this area is known as one of the fastest growing areas and it is faced with an increase of demanding for real estate.
  • Downtown Dubai: High-rise luxury towers, luxurious life and nightlife have made this area one of the most traded areas in Dubai, which has seen an increase in the sale and rental prices of apartments (14% and 41%, respectively) compared to last year. In this area, the demand for buying and renting studios, apartments and offices exceeds the supply, and studios will be traded at higher prices. Although the center of the city is naturally a more expensive area, this makes it a great investment area in Dubai.
  • Palm Jumeirah: It has been one of the best areas for luxury real estate and attracts tourists and wealthy people from all over the world. As the demand for luxury villas is growing, along with the high occupancy rate of 88%, and the increase in sale and rental prices of villas (45% and 40% respectively over the course of a year), this area has become a promising investment in Dubai.
  • Dubai Marina: This popular area is located right between JLT and JBR and is full of restaurants, entertainment and retail. It also has the highest rate of buying and selling luxury apartments in a year and is one of the best areas for investment.

The limited supply of apartments in Dubai Marina and rising rental prices (29% per annum) make it an excellent choice for those looking for a valuable investment in Dubai and capitalizing on the rental market.

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT): It is an easily accessible area located between two metro stations, Jumeirah Lake Towers and Damak Estate. In total, JLT has 600 retail stores, over 300 restaurants and cafes, 5 hotels, childcare facilities, outdoor activities, educational institutions and … . In fact It is attractive to everyone. JLT’s increased rental prices, proximity to major commercial centers, and lower prices than other similar areas make it a good option for those looking to invest in the Dubai property market.
  • Greens and  Views: This area is known for its high quality construction and excellent amenities. It consists of two areas, Greens and Views, and is located near Dubai Knowledge Park, Internet City and Media City, and is located between the green space of Emirates Golf Club and Barsha Heights. This peaceful and urban environment is a great area to live in and invest in a long-term rental in Dubai, as it has lush walking trails, beautiful waterways, shopping malls, international schools, golf courses and five-star hotels. Both areas have access to the same amenities and facilities, Greens is a more affordable area compared to Views. Sales and rental prices in Greens and Views have increased by 9% and 18% respectively compared to last year, making it an excellent investment opportunity in Dubai.
  • Marina: In this area, residents and tourists can visit Dubai’s attractions, including JBR Walk, Bluewaters Island, and Dubai Harbour. The marina has a wonderful waterfront location and is surrounded by a scenic promenade that stretches 3.5 kilometers over the man-made canal. Additionally, there is easy access to metro and tram stations that connect to Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and JBR.

Comparing the old and new areas of Dubai

زندگی در دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

Old Dubai includes historic residential and commercial centers such as Bur Dubai, Deira, Al Nahda, Al Karama and Al Garhoud, which have evolved over time but still have their old charm. The low-rise buildings have a simple atmosphere with small cafes, grocery stores and other retail stores on the ground floor. In areas like Deira and Al Karama, people go to tea cafes even late at night. Overall, Old Dubai is busy but lacks glamour. In addition to old markets and restaurants, you will find traditional buildings and villas in this place.

On the other hand, you will find stylish high-rise buildings in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai and a wide variety of modern villas and townhouses in Dubai Hills Estate in New Dubai. Newer neighborhoods include the best hotels, nightclubs, entertainment venues, shopping malls, and beautiful beaches. The existence of public amenities makes life in New Dubai easier. In these areas, green parks, public swimming pools, clubs, sports halls, restaurants, supermarkets and public transportation are easily available to citizens.

Both old and new areas of Dubai have popular attractions. Old Dubai has historical places such as Deira Clock Tower, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and Dubai Creek.

New Dubai also has attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall, Point Palm Jumeirah, Palm Fountain, Future Museum and…

Important points of choosing an area to live in Dubai

  • The type of design and units available in the project: Depending on your needs and the size of your family, you can rent or buy the property you want. Different towers and villas are built in each region. And each tower also has different units. In addition to the size of the property and the number of bedrooms, you can check the type of architecture of each project and choose the property that suits your taste.
  • Lifestyle of people in the project neighborhood: Each neighborhood in Dubai has residents with their own lifestyle, some neighborhoods are crowded and noisy, while others are quiet and cozy. For this reason, the people of that region also have a lifestyle that is appropriate to the same place. For example, those who live in Downtown Dubai or City Walk are mostly young couples with a lively lifestyle, who mostly work in these areas.
  • Grounds and green spaces: Green space, swimming pool and unique lobby are considered in the design of each complex, which you can choose according to your interest.
  • Security type: Some projects are protected and in addition to the tower itself, the area is also fenced with guards and security cameras. In some complexes, only security cameras are installed and…
  • The number of floors and parking spaces for each unit: The number of private parks in each complex will be different depending on the complex and the type of unit. In addition, the parking space in each neighborhood has different conditions depending on the type of neighborhood. Some neighborhoods are crowded and some are quieter. In some areas, it is not possible to park on the street or you will have restrictions.
  • Proximity and access to supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.: One region has the mentioned facilities exclusively, while another region does not have these facilities. Some Dubai towers have supermarkets and retail stores.
  • Public transportation conditions: There are buses and subways in some neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods only have buses and some areas of Dubai can only be accessed by private vehicles or taxis.
  • Distance to important areas and how to access them: some neighborhoods are near important places and others can be accessed through important roads such as Sheikh Zayed. Some areas are also located on the outskirts of Dubai city and you have to travel a long way to reach important areas.

Where is the best area to live in Dubai?

مناطق معروف دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a popular residential area in Dubai, known for its modern high-rise apartments, spectacular lakes, and excellent amenities. In addition, the area is a bit cheaper compared to Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. This area is the best area to live in Dubai for families for several reasons:

  • Convenient JLT location: Jumeirah Lake Towers is located in the heart of Dubai. Through this area, you can easily access the main commercial areas, popular shopping and entertainment centers. It also has good access to public transportation, making it easier for couples to go to work or explore the city.
  • Landscape of the region (JLT): Around this area there are four artificial lakes that provide a peaceful environment. Many apartments have stunning views of lakes, which can be a beautiful and romantic sight for couples.
  • Amenities: JLT has a wide range of amenities such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, parks and gyms, making it easy for residents to get everything they need.
  • Security: JLT is a gated area with 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance, ensuring a safe and secure environment for couples.
  • Resident Lifestyle: JLT has a diverse community of residents from different nationalities and has a lively and friendly atmosphere. Various social events and activities are also organized for the residents, which can be a great way for couples to make new friends and relationships.

Property price comparison in different areas of Dubai

Due to the high percentage of residents and the average return on investment of 7%, Dubai is an ideal city for buying apartments as well as investment destinations. Studio apartments, Dubai Silicon Oasis have 10% return on investment, Dubai Sport, Arjan and Jumeirah Welch Circle have 9% return on investment. Downtown Dubai and central areas have the highest percentage of profitability for one-bedroom apartments, which has reached 10%. Apartment prices for sale in Dubai for studio apartments start from 215,000 dirhams, one-bedroom apartments from 245,000 dirhams and 3-bedroom apartments in Dubai from 500,000 dirhams.

4-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai  are with a starting price of AED 1700,000.

The most expensive neighborhoods of Dubai

گرانترین محله برای زندگی در دبی- خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

If you want to live in luxury areas, you can achieve your dream in Dubai. You can experience a luxurious and modern life in one of the skyscraper apartments of Marina Dubai, Downtown Dubai or Business Bay. You can also get luxury and modern villas in Dubai Hills Estate or Palm Jumeirah. The mentioned neighborhoods are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Dubai and have the largest volume of buying and renting transactions every year.

For example, the sales volume of some of these areas in the third quarter of 2022 is as follows:

The first place belongs to Palm Jumeirah with total sales of 4.9 billion dirhams and the second place belongs to Business Bay with total sales of 2.2 billion dirhams.

The Springs, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach also recorded the highest rents in Dubai. These areas are popular for families despite the different rents following the global financial crisis and tenants.

Palm Jumeirah, the most expensive neighborhood in Dubai

Al Jumeirah is one of the most expensive areas of Dubai with apartments for rent and sale. This artificial island is shaped like a palm tree and has a trunk, crescent and 16 branches.

The entire island includes luxury villas and apartments. By living in Palm Jumeirah, you can experience the best of Dubai, from incredible entertainment streets to delicious restaurants. You can also find some of the best luxury resorts here, including Atlantis Thr Royal and Atlantis the Palm!

To rent a studio in Palm Jumeirah, your average financial cost per year will be 111 thousand dirhams. If you want to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, the average cost will be from 165,000 dirhams to 243,000 dirhams.To rent a larger 3-bedroom apartment in Palm Jumeirah, you must have at least 312000 dirhams.

If you are looking to buy a studio in Palm Jumeirah, the average cost will be 1.5 million dirhams. Similarly, for a 1-bedroom apartment, the average selling price is 2.9 million dirhams. The average selling price of larger 2 or 3 bedroom units is 4.4 million dirhams and 6.6 million dirhams respectively.

Dubai the best city to live or not !?

خرید ملک در داون تاون دبی - املاک یونایتدسون

In the World’s Best Cities 2023 report by a leading global consultancy in tourism, real estate and economic development, Dubai has been ranked first regionally and fifth best city in the world. And as one of the most modern and fast-paced metropolises in the world, Dubai has become a city of opportunity for millions of expatriate professionals and their families.

In another report made by Resonance Consultants, Dubai has been ranked first. The ranking was made using a combination of statistical performance and qualitative assessments by locals and visitors in 24 regions in six main categories: place, products and productions, urban planning, welfare, importance of citizenship and lifestyle promotion.


Today, Dubai is one of the most famous and luxurious cities in the world. Due to the provision of residential and commercial properties as well as their advanced facilities, the demand for buying and investing in them is increasing every year, and companies are trying to build projects with features that match the interests of investors.

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