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شرکت های ساخت و ساز معروف دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

Overview of construction companies in Dubai

Dubai is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, which shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and Oman in the southeast. The city of Dubai covers an area of about 35 square kilometers, but it is expected to double its area with the addition of five artificial islands and the completion of the construction of the desert.

At the beginning of the development of Dubai, the world’s largest construction companies, such as Actco Construction Company, started operating in this country, and later, companies from this country were established and grew, and they are currently operating at the global level of construction.

Real estate projects in Dubai are built and ready for sale to customers by different construction companies that operate with different goals and styles. These companies operate with different records and business names.

10 active companies in the field of construction are as follows:

Top construction companies in Dubai


Sobha is a new construction company which is established in 2012. This company is a subsidiary of the large Indian company Sobha Developers, which has been operating since 1976. Sobha Developers is a large multinational holding company that has construction activities in many countries in the world such as India, China, Oman, Tanzania, Bahrain and UAE etc. Sobha Developers was created specifically for the Dubai real estate market.

Sobha Developers consists of two structural parts:

  • Sobha Developers specializes in complex constructions, from design to commissioning.
  • Sobha production, which is active in the field of installing reinforced concrete structures, glazing and interior decoration.

This company specializes in building residential and commercial projects. Currently, there are more than 390 completed projects with a total construction area of more than 7,800,000 square meters in its records.

Sobha Developers’ residential projects include first-class apartments, villas and townhouses. In order to create the highest quality, most comfortable and safest properties, the specialists of this company conduct a complete inspection and review of each residence as well as building evaluations by independent experts.

2. Dar Al Arkan

Dar Al Arakan Real Estate is a leading real estate company in the UAE. Commercial, residential and mixed-use areas are being redefined by the efforts of Dar Al Arakan, which are built and managed according to the highest international standards.

They are timely and designed for a contemporary lifestyle and have effectively created urban neighborhoods, shopping malls and recognizable real estate assets, and the country’s real estate market has grown significantly as a result.

Today, Dar Al Arakan is ready to expand in the international market. DAAR is ready for worldwide success by expanding global programs and projects. Dar Al Arakan constantly develops customized and gold-standard solutions for residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, ensuring flawless maintenance, delivery and construction, whether the project is a residential unit or a retail destination.


Emaar Company by creating new standards in innovation, construction and design quality, provides luxury experiences and high standard of living. Emaar real estate is in high demand among domestic and foreign investors, as it recorded a 241 percent increase in net profit to 2.2 billion dirhams ($610 million) for the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period. Real estate investors prefer Emaar beach developments in areas such as Emaar Beachfront and Dubai Creek Harbour.

Among the top projects of this company are Orchid, Lotus, Beach Mansion, Jumeirah Spa, Sirdana, 23 Marina Tower, Creek Palace, Zar Tower, Grove, Park Island and…

4. Ellington

Ellington Construction Company is one of the leading developers in Dubai, specializing in the construction of premium real estate. Great attention to interior design is one of the distinguishing features of this developer so that the design of each residence is unique.

For decor and design, unique materials are used that transform the apartment. Every design element is well thought out to create a peaceful and harmonious living space.

All complexes have first-class amenities. Ellington homes have everything you could possibly need ,including  fitness centers and beauty salons to cafes, gourmet restaurants and shops.

5. G&Co

G&Co is one of the leading real estate development companies in Dubai, recognized for its world-class urban development and planning. After the huge success of the Millennium Estate project, G&Co is now launching another off-plan project called Jade at the Fields , which includes luxury townhouses and villas.

This is a new urban project located in District 11 of Mohammed Bin Rashid city. This project offers 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses outside of the Dubai scheme.

Other projects G&Co are:

  • Grand Viva project
  • Viridian at the Fields
  • Cassia at the Fields
  • Dubai Square City
  • Mohammed bin Rashid city

6. Meraas Holding

Meraas Holding has always sought to fulfill a reasonable mission and vision to strengthen the global position of Dubai in the tourism sector. The project involves enhancing the UAE’s reputation as a leader in entertainment and retail stores worldwide.

The Meraas Holding includes leading projects such as City Walk Residences, Blue Water Residences, Niki Beach Residences, Bulgari Residences, Port de Lamar, La Mer Mansions, Jumeirah Bay, Cherrywoods and many others.

7.Safe Developers

Safe Developers is a real estate development company established by the Silgo Group of Companies in the field of real estate with the aim of building dream homes. Although Safe Developers is a new company, Silgo Group has a long history. This 35-year path has been followed by Silgo Group, a construction-based company that started with a building maintenance company in the UAE in the early 1980s.

Safe Developers has consultants in construction, interior architecture, manufacturing, trade, events and logistics and they provide highly specialized services such as project design consultancy, value engineering and project management across UAE and India.


TIGER GROUP was established in 1976 with the inspiring vision of the founders to contribute effectively to the building of the United Arab Emirates by delivering outstanding projects with the highest possible quality standards that exceed the expectations of clients.

The company has completed 250 projects so far and construction of new residential properties is well underway. Throughout its history, this company has been able to cover the Persian Gulf region, the Middle East and Turkey. Tiger Group has won numerous industry awards, including recognition at the Asia Vision Excellence Awards in 2018.

Tiger Group has executed several popular projects in Dubai, including The Square, O2 Tower and Al Manara Tower. The O2 Tower at Jumeirah Village Circle Tower is a new project in partnership with the National Engineering Office which was completed in 2021.

The tower has 38 floors and includes studios and one-bedroom apartments.The units vary in size from 37 square meters to 88 square meters and prices range from 309,000 dirhams (84,000 USD) to 750,000 dirhams (204,00 USD).

Al Manara Tower was completed in 2017 and is located in Jumeirah Village Triangle. There are 300 residential units including studios and one and two bedroom apartments. Units range in size from 35 square meters to 124 square meters and prices from 310,000 dirhams (US$84,000) to 950,000 dirhams (US$259,000).

9. MAG

MAG Group (MAG) is one of the largest companies in Dubai, which has a very prominent position among its peers in the sectors of real estate, contracting, engineering, industrial and commercial trading, transportation services and hospitality.

This company is managed by Maaf Ahmed Al Qadeh (MAG) and has a history of 40 years. It focuses on the MAG Lifestyle Development approach and offers a variety of initiatives from affordable housing and luxury homes to creating a health-focused lifestyle in the UAE.


Al Deeyar General Contracting Company L.L.C. has started construction work since 1993 and has become one of the most trusted companies in the construction industry of the UAE. With the efforts and guidance of Mr. Hamad Al-Junaibi, Mr. Kamil, Nadeem, Najib Sirieddin and Engr. Naji Darwish, this company has achieved a good reputation by improving the level of its services and has achieved an average turnover of 60 million dirhams per year.

Al Deeyar intended to obtain ISO 9001 certification to improve and maintain quality and work performance in accordance with international practice standards. From 1993 till today, AL Deeyar has completed magnificent projects such as multi-storied buildings, palaces, luxury villas, a group of commercial villas, successfully completed on time by experienced and skilled staff.

One of the largest projects of eeyar is the Tria project, with an area of 7 million square meters in Dubai Silicon Oasis. This project includes residential towers, business centers, the headquarters of large technology companies, proximity to the most popular tourist places, from the long-term rental system to 99 and.. .

11. Al Habtoor Group

Al Habtoor Company is a construction company that has a brilliant track record for building a series of three residential towers, Nora, Amna and Mira. The company is one of the largest contractors in the construction industry since 1970 and has been executing mega construction projects in Dubai.

Habtoor Company, through its subsidiary Habtoor Hospitality L.L.C, is the owner and manager of one of the best brands of the Metropolitan Hotel, which consists of seven hotels in Dubai and Jordan.

There are also huge projects such as Al Habtoor Project, Al Habtoor House, Metroplex – entertainment and entertainment complex, the huge star of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the construction of Abu Dhabi Airport in the portfolio of Al Habtoor Company.

12. Arabtec Construction

The company is one of the best and most traded and one of the largest construction groups in the Middle East, providing its services in the field of construction, trade, gas, infrastructure, electricity, facility management and property development in the UAE. This company was founded in 1975 by Riad Burhan Kamal. The headquarters of Arabtech is in Dubai.

Arabtech has implemented several symbolic construction projects. One of them is Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Among other leading and prominent projects implemented by the Arabtech construction company, we can mention the construction of the commercial sea city of Dubai and the construction of a stadium and a residential complex in Dubai.

Which companies offer suitable conditions for investment?

شرکت های سازنده معروف دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

In the Dubai real estate market, each company offers different conditions for investment to customers according to its goals and approach. For example, in Ellington Company, which offers luxury boutique style art designs, the investment policy is such that they provide high return on investment and the reason for this high level of return on investment is the quality of the building.

This company claims to provide a new way of life for its customers in Dubai. Also, Ellington Company offers a comprehensive two-year warranty for all internal surfaces of each unit. Other conditions of Ellington are as follows:

  • On time Handover
  •   Sale subject to the completion of the foundation
  •     Flexible payment plans (premium payment 50% upon handover and 50% during construction)

Some companies, such as Emaar, have policies of not paying taxes. This company offers properties in the most luxurious areas at the best prices. By buying from Emaar, you can get accommodation for the whole family and finally settle your debts with installment plans.

Advantages of investing in the projects of a reputable construction company in Dubai

The Middle East is a strategic region in the world and has always been of interest. Among the countries located in the Middle East, in the last two decades, the United Arab Emirates has made tremendous progress due to its management and vision, and has been called the third safest and most modern city in the world.

Due to the wonderful facilities of life in Dubai, this city has become a destination for immigrants and tourists from all over the world. For this reason, the construction of residential, commercial and hotel properties has flourished more than ever in this city, and even the government has formulated construction and development strategies for Dubai until 2050.

With the special attention of the world to Dubai and the increase in buying and renting properties there, the value of properties in Dubai is growing every year and there will be a significant return on investment for those who intend to buy property in Dubai or invest.

Due to the mentioned reasons, by choosing a reliable construction company and pre-purchasing a property from it or investing in the projects of that company, you can pay an amount lower than the real value of that property in the long term and see the value of your capital multiply after the completion of the project.

Or own a fantastic property in Dubai for less. Considering the high demand of people for buying and renting in Dubai, the added value of the property after the completion of the project will be significant.

The best facilities to look for in construction company projects in Dubai

As you know, Dubai is one of the most modern cities in the world. Construction companies in the UAE are trying to design and implement various projects with the aim of attracting more investors and buyers, as well as in line with modernity and paying attention to different lifestyles and interests. You can choose and buy the property you want according to the facilities you need and the capital you have.

In general, all companies use the best materials in their projects.

In the following, we will examine the best facilities and conditions that must be considered for choosing a project. Every project that is planned and built in Dubai is different in terms of architectural style and sometimes the use of materials. The project is also different in the number of floors, number of units and number of rooms.

Before choosing a project, it is better to determine what place you need to live or what place you intend to invest in, and then choose the project you want. In the following, we will examine the things that you should keep in mind for each project from a physical point of view.

  1. The construction company and its history in the field of real estate, the architectural style of the project, the number of available units and its geographical location are among these things. In addition to the mentioned items, there are other items that will be very effective in choosing.
  2. Real price and added value: You should check the price of the project under construction and what it will cost after completion according to its area. You should check the added value of each property and project.
  3. Down payment amount: This depends entirely on your budget. Each real estate company has a different payment method, and you can check this or ask the company’s expert.
  4. Number of installments until settlement: This item also completely depends on your budget.
  5. Delivery time: If you plan to live in Dubai, this is one of the most important and influential choices. Also, those who intend to invest know that according to the growth of the price of an area in a year, the real price and its added value will increase.
Future of construction companies in Dubai

دولوپرهای املاک و مستغلات در دبی - خرید ملک در دبی - وبسایت یونایتدسون

Building and construction is one of the main pillars of the economy of the United Arab Emirates, which we are witnessing its rapid growth in this country. The quality of construction in the UAE is characterized by a strong economy and a high standard of living.

Despite the various challenges facing the construction industry in the world, this industry is witnessing an increasing development in the UAE due to urbanization and investment in the real estate sector in the country. For this reason, the construction sector is expected to witness more growth in this country in 2023.

Considering the desire of the UAE to reduce the amount of carbon and reach zero carbon, in the strategic plan for changes and climate control in 2050, the construction industry in the UAE will witness a significant change towards green initiatives and smart technologies. This issue can create new opportunities for businesses and consumers. Also, this development is a great opportunity to improve the construction process and leads to the provision of sustainable construction solutions.

In 2023, the trend of innovation and sustainability in the construction sector is expected to take place to shape the future of buildings in the UAE. These innovations are aimed at using green building materials that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this goal, new technologies will be used to improve, increase productivity and evolve construction factors.


With the extraordinary economic growth of the UAE, a large number of projects are launched every year in this country, especially in the city of the UAE, and countless companies with different conditions are operating in this industry.

If you are planning to invest or buy a property in Dubai, but you don’t know which one to choose, we suggest you get help from the expert consultants of United Seven. In addition to consulting in the field of buying and renting property in Dubai, United Seven can also assist you in the following areas:

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