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What Types of Properties in Dubai Can I Buy?

Posted by U7MB on 2 August, 2022


As you might know, Dubai has been recently a hub for home buyers and property investors from around the world. The success of Dubai in becoming one of the world’s best destinations is not accidental though. There are numerous reasons why this Middle Eastern paradise is known as a safe destination for property investments. These reasons include uniquness of this city, its progressive economy, low crime rate, high levels of happiness, and endless opportunities for business. In addition, tax-free businesses, tax-free investments, amazing cosmopolitan vibes, unique lifestyles and high levels of prosperity add to the appeal of this incredible city for investment or living purposes. Most of property buyers know about these reasons. But, they want to know about types of properties in Dubai. This is why we are supposed to explain all property types in this city in this article. So, do not miss the rest of the text if this is your question too.

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Off-plan Types of Properties in Dubai:

Off-plan properties are the ones that are under construction, and are mostly bought for investment purposes. One of the main reasons for high investment value of these properties is amazing affordability. As these properties come with flexible installments and easy payment plans, they attract the attention of many investors. This fact makes these properties even suitable for those who wish to own a home on a budget. Another reason for value of off-plan market in Dubai is the increase in price as they get closer to completion. In other words, these properties enable you to own a property, pay the price on installments, and sell it in a higher price. The price of these properties usually gets doubled by the time they are ready. The off-plan category includes apartments, villas, townhouses, hotels and also commercial properties like offices.

Ready Types of Properties in Dubai:

This type of property is ready. Most of ready apartments cannot be bought on installments. However, you can find ready properties with installments. Here are some types of ready properties in Dubai:

Ready apartments for sale in Dubai:

apartments are the most popular type of properties in the emirate. They range from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. Studio is a unit with 1 bath and 1 kitchen and has no bedroom. The size of studios is usually around 360 square feet. 1BR apartments are also chosen by many home buyers and investors, with a floor-plan that includes 2 baths. The size of this type is around 785 square feet. The last ones in this category are 2BR flats in Dubai, that usually offer a floor space of around 1,636 square feet. This type also comes with 2 or 3 baths. These apartments also come with amenities such as CCTV, gym, swimming pool, etc.

Ready villas for sale in Dubai:

This type of property includes houses in Dubai that are located separate from other houses. These houses are preferred by large families who need large spaces. The owner of these homes can benefit from amenities including private garden, garages, swimming pools, big living spaces and many more. You can choose from 2BR to 7BR villas in Dubai. The sizes also range from 1,489 square feet to 5,500 square feet. Villas in Dubai are perfect for investment purposes as well. This is simply because they usually offer great capital gains, and are in high demand for rent.

Ready Townhouses for sale in Dubai:

Townhouses or townhomes are another type of homes in Dubai, that are often confused with the previous type we talked about (villas). They are so similar to villas but with some differences. The biggest difference between villas and townhouses is that townhouses share a wall with the neighboring townhouse. But villas are kind of independent and do not share anything. Townhouses in Dubai range from 3BR to 6BR.

Ready penthouses for sale in Dubai:

Offering an affluent living experience, penthouses are super-luxurious homes in Dubai, that are located on the top floors of towers. This property type usually boasts elegant interiors, eye-catching city views, en-suite bathrooms, and walk-in closets. Penthouses in Dubai also offer exclusive amenities such as private elevators, pools, special parking spaces and a lot more.

Ready hotel apartments for sale in Dubai:

Hotel apartments are a kind of flats in Dubai that are fully furnished. These properties come with special services such as housekeeping and room service. Home buyers choose this kind of property for the maximum comfort that it offers. On the other hand, investors also consider this type of property because they are perfect for short-term rent, and create a very great stream of income!

Ready commercial properties in Dubai:

The other category in the real estate market of Dubai includes commercial properties. This category includes offices and shops that can be bought for use or investment purposes. If you own a business, these properties can help you save your money. In other words, instead of wasting your money on renting an office or shop, you can own one and enjoy capital gains and savings. If you are an investor also, you can purchase these properties to earn money through renting it!


Now that you have full information about different types of properties in Dubai, you can easily decide on what kind of property to buy in Dubai. After determining the details of your desired property, you can explore to find your ideal home in Dubai. At the end, you can send a message on WhatsApp to our professional real estate agents for more help.

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