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Types of Apartments in Dubai

Posted by تحریریه on 7 October, 2023

Do you want to buy an apartment to live in or invest in Dubai? Are you familiar with the types of apartments in Dubai? If your answer is yes, you should know that Dubai is a city that is full of properties that meet the needs of all investors and buyers.

Dubai is made up of areas, each of which is made up of different properties according to their use. In the central and important areas of the city of Dubai, where most people, single young people or young couples with small families live, the structure of the properties is mostly in the form of high-rise towers that house various apartments. Stay with us for more about the types of apartments in Dubai and their features in the rest of the article.

Overview of types of apartments in Dubai

Apartments are the most popular and best-selling type of residential property in Dubai. Apartments in Dubai are available with distinctive features, from studios to 3-bedroom apartments and larger ones. In Dubai, you can find a suitable apartment for any population with any budget. In general, 7 types of apartments have been observed in Dubai. Real estate construction companies in Dubai consider different apartments for each residential complex depending on their company’s primary policies, customer needs, and the area where the plan is implemented.

For example, in important areas of Dubai, such as Downtown Dubai or City Walk, where the majority of the population is made up of young immigrants, mostly studios, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments are seen, but in an area like Palm Jumeirah, most large and prosperous families live there and penthouses, duplex or triplex apartments are built in this area.

The price of residential apartments in Dubai varies depending on the number of rooms in an apartment and luxury facilities:

  • You can buy a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai with an average price of 370 thousand dirhams.
  • If you want a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai, the price is usually between AED 580,000 and AED 4 million.
  • Renting a luxury apartment in Dubai can cost between 20,000 and 300,000 dirhams.

Here are some types of apartments in Dubai and their most prominent features:

  1. The upper apartment: The upper apartment is like a studio that has no rooms and consists of only one space. This type of apartment is divided into several parts and has access to each other. In general, the upper apartment is located on the top floor of a building and is characterized by having more interior space than a studio.
  2. Studio: The studio is similar to the upper apartment in terms of the absence of separate rooms, and it consists of a space that is divided into several parts and open to each other, but the area of the studio is smaller than the upper apartment, and as a result, it costs less.
  3. Full apartment: A full apartment consists of several rooms separated from each other and has a variety of other home facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other items, which depend on the size, design, and number of people inside.
  4. Duplex: A duplex apartment consists of two floors that are connected and connected by an internal staircase to make moving between them easier and faster. The most important feature of duplex apartments in the UAE is the beautiful and creative designs in the interior design of the apartment. Duplexes are designed to provide privacy in the upstairs rooms, which are often bedrooms, and the downstairs.

There are living room, kitchen, hall, and other rooms that are used a lot during the day and when receiving visitors and guests. Apart from duplexes being one of the most popular types of apartments in Dubai, more families tend to buy them because they have a large area and many room distribution options, and they are also more affordable than other properties, such as detached villas.

These large apartments have a villa plot for people who want more privacy but don’t want to live in an apartment. You can easily find duplexes in many places in Dubai such as Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Business Bay, and Downtown Dubai. The minimum selling price of a duplex in Dubai starts from 545 thousand dirhams

  1. Triplex: A triplex apartment is similar to a duplex apartment in terms of multiple floors and a staircase that connects them, except that the triplex apartment has one more floor. This type of apartment is suitable for large families who want more privacy by separating the rooms from each other on the first floor and between all floors. The third floor can also be used for various personal activities such as turning it into a home gym, personal/home office, or children’s playroom.
  1. Loft: Lofts are slightly different from duplex apartments. The lofts are mainly composed of two floors, the second floor is small and usually has an area the size of a studio. You can easily find lofts in different areas of Dubai such as Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Downtown Dubai.
  1. Penthouses: Penthouses are a type of apartment that are located on the upper floors of the building and are a manifestation of elegance and modernity. This type of apartment in Dubai emphasizes first-class interior space, beautiful rooms and a master bathroom, a swimming pool, parking spaces, and private elevators, and offers the best lifestyle.

Burj Khalifa, Elite Residence, and Sea Gate are some of the most famous buildings for buying penthouses in Dubai. You can also buy or rent penthouses in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Jumeirah to experience proximity to Dubai’s famous entertainment spots.

The average cost of buying a penthouse in Dubai starts at 3 million dirhams, and to rent a penthouse in Dubai, depending on the area, residents can expect to pay between 170,000 dirhams and 510,000 dirhams.


In general, all kinds of apartments can be found all over the world and the apartments that are mentioned are not specific to Dubai the apartments are built according to the customer’s needs in a residential building. In Dubai, which is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, various apartments have been built according to these needs. In this article, we have examined the features of different apartments in full.

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